For SCA, one of the largest providers
of outpatient surgery in the U.S.,
accuracy is not optional.

ActiveDisclosure sharpens SCA’s filing procedures to keep its SEC reporting healthy.

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Since our filings are in much better shape sooner with ActiveDisclosure, we’re saving on expensive last-minute changes.

Jason Hutchison, Manager of Financial Reporting,
Surgical Care Affiliates Inc.

Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) operates more than 190 surgical facilities, with approximately 7,500 physicians performing procedures in 34 states across the U.S. The company helps partnered health care systems employ advanced medical and management tools to enhance their patient care and improve their bottom lines.

Surgical Care Affiliates goes public, counting on the ActiveDisclosure solution to keep its SEC reporting healthy.

Jason Hutchison, SCA’s Manager of Financial Reporting, uses a number of ActiveDisclosure SM features to build the company’s 10-K, 10-Q and earnings reports.

Automated accuracy

“Top of our list is ActiveLink, which lets us build our Excel files, hit ‘refresh’ and load the information into the document. That change is made automatically throughout the document. It’s just so simple,” says Hutchison. “I also appreciate the co-authoring feature. One colleague can be working in the financials section while another can be adding material to the notes section – all while I’m working in a completely different area of the document. It really speeds up the process.”

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Being able to test our document is also a confidence builder. The Online Reviewer’s Guide and our Donnelley Financial Solutions support team help us uncover and resolve any issues in advance.

Jason Hutchison, Manager of Financial Reporting, Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc.

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Tools you’ve already mastered

“We looked at other software systems, but none leveraged Word and Excel as effectively,” says Hutchison. “If you know Microsoft Office, you can really amplify the system’s performance – and that’s by design.”

A jump on next quarter

“The roll-forward feature is a huge help as well. We can take existing charts and tables and move them into an upcoming filing – and then just repopulate automatically,” says Hutchison. “Plus, when we send the document to our legal department, we don’t have to apologize for shading or any other aspect of its appearance. Everything looks the way it will in the final SEC filing.”

Always there for you

“And I can’t say enough about the support we get from Donnelley Financial Solutions’ experts – they’re not just knowledgeable, but responsive too,” says Hutchison. “They have been incredibly helpful, no matter when I call.”

Why choose ActiveDisclosure?

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Streamlined process

The Online Reviewer’s Guide improves the quality of your filing.

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Access to expertise 24/7/365

Tackle your XBRL requirements with the support of Donnelley Financial Solutions’ experts.

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Gets the numbers right – every time

The roll-forward feature lets you prepare tables and graphs for the next submission.


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